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Production of art glass materials – smalt and stained glass under brand name SMALTA-NEVA of any shape, color and texture


We produce smalt of different colors and shades for


Manufacturing of

  • mosaic sets
  • artworks
  • art products

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Restoration of

  • monuments of architecture
  • mosaic ornaments of temples
  • interior of palaces

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Decoration of

  • private ownerships
  • furnishings
  • figgery

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Smalt is a material designed to expand the palette of natural namely, stone materials.

Since ancient times, the antique architects addressed the topic of the preserved for centuries beauty in the form of mosaics and later stained glass. The glassmakers of that time required more and more time to master the technology of making smalt to achieve more complex initial images. Thus, for example, instead of color fragments on the capitals of ancient Rome, which were made with colored sand sinters and dyes, the smalt came and the synthesis of it took the place in glass technology with using high temperatures and a manifold increased list of used dyes.
To date, smalt is the homogeneous glassy material with the possibility of the synthesis of more than 10,000 shades. The manufacturing of smalt by this technology contributed to a dramatic improvement in consumer properties such as: the possibility of splitting in any given direction (additivity property), chromaticness throughout the sample volume, a wide palette, frost and hydro resistance (absence of internal pores), the use of mosaic aggregate for a set of paintings (color in volume) and increased strength.

This was a great breakthrough for the use of smalt as a lining material for pools, for facade mosaics in the weather conditions of the north-west, the manufacture of finished bulk products from smalt of any shape and complexity. The wide range of colors allows satisfying the tastes of almost all possible requirements of mosaic artists.

From the ecological point of view, the glass, being dielectric and one of the safest materials, can be used at the household level (cladding of kitchens, baths, toilets, floors, ceilings, etc.). In addition, the possibility of obtaining smalt in the form of multi-colored pebbles rolled in seawater can be used for the decoration of mirrors, frames, glass, fireplaces, furniture, etc.

Nowadays most of the smalt produced on the market is made by sintering, which entails restrictions in its use because of lead in its structure, so its color is not stable and it is capable of fading, and the smalt itself collapses under the influence of direct sunlight. In addition, it has a limited area and the inability for the mosaic artists to cut off the required geometric shape of the module.

While smalt, synthesized by glass technology, has no such disadvantages and flaws: the color is stable, it does not fade when exposed to ultraviolet radiation, and cutting at any geometric shape is possible. Smalt is harmless when it is used for children creative works.

Durability and resistance to vibration loads allow using this type of material in extreme conditions: subway, railway, a cladding of any type of transport stops.

Smalt in cubes

Dance of Matiss. Workshop Tavr

Fragment of decoration of metro station in St.Petersburg


Standard smalt

is made in the form of rolled tiles of an arbitrary shape (hand-made). The thickness of the material can be 5, 6, 7, 8 mm.

Smalt in the cube

has a thickness of 10 to 30 mm and size from 150 x 150 mm (for split works).

Modular smalt

is produced in squares from 10 x 10 mm or in strips from 10 mm with 10 mm increments.

Smalt in the form of final products

is made in plates of strict geometric shape for facing walls, floors, pools, etc., with a maximum size of 200 x 400 mm. The imitation of natural stones is possible when ordering.

Classic Gold smalt

is 8-12 mm thick with the thinnest protective glass. This smalt has the size of the working surface of the standard size of gold leaf 91.5 x 91.5 mm. The substrate (the thick part of the glass) is transparent and colorless. The colored glass can be used, that allows to give the shade to gold.

Gold smalt, obtained by sintering two glasses with a gold layer

The standard output thickness is 3 mm. It is possible to order the 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm thickness material with a working surface of 91.5 x 91.5 mm or 40 x 40 mm.

Gold smalt, obtained by sputtering titanium nitride

The material can be produced with a glossy (almost mirrored) or matte surface. This kind of smalt differs from previous samples in peculiar color shade.

Own production

Cohesive team, experienced glassmakers and highly qualified technologists

More than 1000 color formulas developed for corresponding to international color matching systems


Prices from the manufacturer

Best price guarantee when ordering goods directly from the manufacturer

A flexible discount system for regular customers and dealers



Reliable partners – Agapas-Export customs broker will deliver our products to the buyer’s warehouse quickly and without any problems.



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