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About US

Since 2008

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Our company was founded in 2008 and united people who are passionate about glass, smalt, stained glass and mosaics.

We began to work on the basis of the imperial workshops of the Russian Academy of Arts. This is the only workshop in Russia that produces the smalt according to old recipes.

The acquired knowledge and experience allowed us to create a company with its own production base for the synthesis of stained glass and smalt, now it is the main activity of our company. For the convenience of the selection of smalt (stained glass) in the warehouse or under the order, Pantone and Ral color catalogs are used. It is possible to produce smalt and glass of any geometric shape and texture.


The stuff of our company is people who have worked in the glass industry for decades.

Natalya Elyukova – Candidate of Technical Sciences (SPbSTU Technological)

Tagiltseva Natalya Olegovna – Candidate of Technical Sciences (SPbSTU Technological)

Shashkin Alexander Viktorovich – Candidate of Chemical Sciences (SPSU Chemical Faculty.)

Barabanov Aleksey Igorevich – Technological Engineer (SPbGTU Technological)

Paramzina Svetlana Evgenievna – Chemist-Technologist (St. Petersburg State University Chem. Fac.)

Experienced technologists are constantly developing new formulations, expanding the color range of the smalt produced, developing new types of smalt glass.

Production capacities allow us to promptly and competently resolve issues of manufacturing glassware of any complexity and purpose. And highly qualified specialists in the field of glass production technology are able to quickly find the optimal approach in carrying out their tasks.

We produce smalt of different colors and shades for


Manufacturing of

  • mosaic sets
  • artworks
  • art products

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Restoration of

  • monuments of architecture
  • mosaic ornaments of temples
  • interior of palaces

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Decoration of

  • private ownerships
  • furnishings
  • figgery

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Contact us

If you are ready to make an order, or would like to learn more about any of our products, contact us at your convenience:

by email: smaltaneva@gmail.com

by Phone: +386 518 525 15 — Eng, Rus, Slo

+7 921 952 05 66  — Rus


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