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Modern mosaic

Modern mosaic is created from various materials, mainly with glass and smalt. 

The most luxurious type of modern mosaic is a golden smalt mosaic. The 99th– grade gold leaf is placed between two glasses or gold is sprayed on top of the glass. Most often such masterpiece is handmade.

 Nowadays, pools, saunas, bathrooms, and also baths are decorated with mosaics. Best of all, the mosaic will look in rooms where water is used, as this type of decoration is easily repaired and cleaned. In addition, mosaic panels are easily installed on surfaces of any shape and configuration. Mosaic floors have also become fashionable lately. Typically, the floors are decorated with a high complexity pattern and with unusual and bright color combinations. Window sills, table surfaces, and many other decorative elements are often finished with mosaics.

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