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mosaic TODAY

Today,a mosaic is the restoration and imitation of the relic of the past, as well as crafts and new masterpieces.

 A return to the forgotten and half-forgotten ideas of former times is a characteristic for the present. Mosaic entered the avant-garde of architectural fashion again. History always repeats itself, creating new masterpieces at its next stage.

One of the trends of the super-technological 21stcentury is the desire to restore the ancient objects of architecture and art with the indispensable style of the real influence of the past.

Mosaic panels imitating authentic old paintings of stone and smalt are created using modern technologies, but with a special final effect.

Modern works copy the famous mosaics of the past in order to reproduce mosaics for temples and museums. For example, the famous mosaic from Pompeii, depicting the battle of Alexander the Great, was copied for placement both in Pompeii and in the Naples Museum.

The history of using smalt for mosaic begins in the last Millennium. Due to its properties, this material was very often used in the decoration of temples and palaces, many of which require restoration nowadays.

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